Workshop about the benthic communities on the tidal flats

  A workshop about the analysis techniques of the sediment and the identification of benthic animals occurring on the tidal flats are scheduled after the symposium. This workshop is conducted by the cooperation of Phuket Marine Biological Center (PMBC).

Remarks: Only 35 participants who booked already the workshop can participate the workshop fully. However, the organizing committee provides the transportation for the field surveys on the tidal flats for the participants who hope to join on the morning of Dec. 16. Please book the transportation for the field surveys at the front desk of the symposium by the evening of Dec. 14.

Schedule and outline of the workshop

Dec. 16: Field surveys on the sandy tidal flats and workshop at PMBC
  The participants visit sandy tidal flats located in the north-eastern coast of Phuket for assessment of sediment conditions and quantitative samplings of macrobenthic animals. Various species of molluscs, polychaetes, etc. occur there, although their densities are mostly low.

  • Leave Kantary Bay Hotel at 6:30.
  • Start samplings on the tidal flats at 7:30, and work until 10:30.
  • After lunch, visit PMBC, and we have a workshop on the determination of Chl.-a content of the sediment (part I) (Lecture by Dr. Shigeru Montani (Japan)).

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 画像の説明 画像の説明

Dec. 17: Workshop at PMBC (9:00 to 17:00)

  • Determination of Chl.-a of the sediment (part II)
  • Identification of the macrobenthic animals, and quantitative analysis of the specimens of macrobenthos.

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